Where on the island can I find the best fiddle players, especially in August, 2015?

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David Reynolds

Hey there David, 

Great to hear from you! Two Ceilidh's come to mind for you to check out. 

The Ross Family Ceilidh is a hoot with some of the finest fiddling and piano playing you'll ever see. This ceilidh is at the Sterling W.I Hall in Stanley Bridge PEI and runs June 29-Sept23rd at 7:30pm on Monday's. Look up "Johnny Ross"/"The Ross Family" on youtube. They are a hoot! High energy fiddling and lots of fun.

Another Ceilidh would be Saturday nights at the same hall at 7:30pm which is put on by the Richard Wood trio. Some incredible fiddling from one of Canada's finest fiddlers and they also sing great songs that are sure to get toes tappin. 

Have fun!