Any good farms for fresh vegetables and fruits produce near Darlington or Charlottetown? We would prefer to taste something locally grown rather than buy some grocery supplied?

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Milen Ko
Montreal, QC

Hi Milen,

We are currently in the perfect timing for fresh vegetables, potatoes and berries on PEI right now! The new potatoes are so good – steamed with butter, and the fresh strawberries are delicious!

In Darlington, one of the biggest vegetable growers on PEI – Brookfield Gardens is located there. They grow all manner of things, and you will find no shortage of fresh produce.  

On the east side of Charlottetown, there are a few larger ones:

-MacKenzie Produce is a great one right on the main road


In Summerside, there are a few large ones as well: Kool Breeze Farms…they also have an ice cream stands and fun things for the kids.

And also Compton’s Vegetable stand  - They are famous for their corn and their berries.

There are so many little roadsides stands in PEI, all selling different things. The honour system is alive and well on PEI. Mostly, you leave your money and take your change, and it works! I encourage you to stop at many and hopefully find some excellent food.

Have a great vacation!