How are the fall colors progressing? I am hoping to visit in October. Thanks.

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Lyle Zufelt
PEI Ambassador Charlene Belsher
Charlene Belsher

Arts & Culture

Hello Lyle, our October visitor,

I had the opportunity to drive around the middle of the Island earlier this week and noticed that the leaves are just starting to change.  At this point,  you see mostly green with hints of pale yellows and oranges.  In a week or two, the hills should burst into vibrant reds, yellows and oranges against the green backdrop of spruce, fir and pine.  

Be sure to drive inland and find some hills for a beautiful vista of fields and forests.  There are a number of heritage roads on Prince Edward Island (marked on the provincial map). These usually are clay roads that provide a canopy of trees overhead and are stunning in the fall.

Come and enjoy my favourite season of the year, on my PEI!