I noticed pictures of canoes on the Bonshaw River and kayaks on Mooney's Pond. Are there canoe rentals to paddle either of these fresh water locales? Sea kayaking seems to get plenty of advertising and is easy to find. We are vacationing on PEI 2 weeks in September. Charlie Whittle

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Charlie Whittle
Dugspur, VA

Hey Charlie,

I am not aware of anywhere to rent kayaks or canoes in these areas, however, there are rentals in Fortune River, Victoria, North Rustico, Charlottetown and Morell. I do know that the Bonshaw River is a pleasure to kayak on, being so peaceful and all. Also, you might want to reach out to “PEI Seadoo Rentals” in Charlottetown. They do rent kayaks and may (cross your fingers) accommodate this, no guarantees though.