Is anyone offering Fall Flavour Festival tours? Allan

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Allan McLeod
Bracebridge, Ontario
Hi Allan!
To my knowledge there are no tours for Fall Flavours.
However, I do know the Fall Flavours website is set up that you can book your vacation around what events you want to take in. You can order all your tickets at the same time - then it's up to you to fill in the gaps.
There's certainly lots to see, do and eat on PEI during Fall Flavours - from the Signature Culinary events and guest chefs to the small intimate tours or dinners.  It is truly a food and wine festival!
And of course, the weekend highlight celebration - The PEI International Shellfish Festival, also known as, The Biggest Kitchen Party in Atlantic Canada!  September 14-17.
Hope this helps.  If you need any more inside info - Ask an Islander!
Enjoy my PEI!
Chef Jeff