Is there a beach to swim and play at when visiting elephant rock. I also remember visiting a beach as a child that had lots of formations and small caves to adventure in, do you know of a place like this?

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Tara Lutgen
Busby, Alberta

Hi Tara

Glad you wrote to us on Prince Edward Island!

There are so many nooks and crannies to explore on our island, but sadly, Elephant Rock, once located by the North Cape Lighthouse lost his trunk from erosion some years back.  I don't think there's a beach there unless you catch the tide when it's out, and it would be more clay sand than beach sand. That being said, there are other cool haunts to check out.

Thunder Cove boasts some exemplary photo opportunities, as well as caves to explore.

If you are looking for lovely vistas, Cabot Beach Provincial Park, located within the Green Gables Shore coastal drive.  This is a family friendly park, with a lifeguard on duty as well. My friend Ashley also tells me this is where the tv show Emily of New Moon was filmed!

Hope this is all helpful to you.