What is the difference between Lovers Lane and Balsam Hollow trail and how long does it take to walk these; and is the Haunted Woods trail open?

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Carl Doucette
Charlottetown, PEI
Kelly Richard
Kelly Richard

General Island

Hi Carl,

Great question!! Beginning at Green Gable Heritage Place in Cavendish, the Balsom Hollow Trail actually includes Lover's Lane.  The first portion of the Balsom Hollow Trail  was named by Lucy Maud Montgomery as "Lover's Lane" .  The entire trail is a 0.8 km loop of easy walking.  Depending on your pace,  I would suspect it would take between 30-45 minutes to complete the loop. 

The Haunted Woods and Blasom Hollow Trails (including Lover's Lane) are open with your Green Gables Heritage Place admission until October 31.  After October 31 you can still access the trails but guests to the Park are advised that the trails will not be maintained during the off-season and washrooms and shelter facilities will be closed.  It is also important to note that anyone exploring the National Park during the off-season is reminded that they are responsible for their own safety and should be sure to properly prepare and plan for their trek.

Enjoy the trails, the colours are absolutely breathtaking these days!.