We want to go to New Glasgow to a community or church lobster supper - can you give advice about how to find one? Do we need to book?

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Anne Townsend
Vancouver, British Columbia

Hello Anne:

Lobster suppers are a true Island custom, and a must do.

According to Islanders, the basic, traditional lobster is cooked lobster, potato salad, cole slaw, fresh rolls and butter for dipping. There may be other additions or sides, but a true Island lobster supper must include the elements above.

The lobster should be well salted in its cooking process, so it doesn’t need anything once served, except maybe a little butter!  As well, lobster should be served CHILLED! Many Islanders would agree that lobster is cooked earlier in the day or even the day before, and kept cold, and served cold! This often sparks a great debate, whether to serve lobster hot or cold, and I am definitely, firmly in the cold camp!

In terms of getting a great lobster supper, The New Glasgow Lobster Supper in New Glasgow PEI is the gold standard. It’s very busy but it's also very big and doesn’t take reservations unless you have a large group, but because of its size you should have no problem getting in. They have kept the true atmosphere and vibe of the days past, and it is a great experience. It would be my #1 recommendation. 

If you are here for a while, try a few! Fisherman’s Wharf in North Rustico is another popular spot. Cardigan Lobster Suppers, in Cardigan (Eastern PEI) I have never been to, but I am sure is great too! Lobster Barn in Victoria-by-the-Sea has an excellent lobster roll, so I would easily recommend to try their lobster dinner there. 

In Charlottetown, the Water Prince Corner Shop is a very popular place for lobster and seafood.  Many restaurants are now adding lobster dinners to their menus, so you can find them many places, but you can’t replicate the experience of a true lobster supper!

I would also recommend Dave’s Lobster Rolls if you make it to Charlottetown on the waterfront, and if you are looking to maximize your lobster experience. They are fantastic!

Enjoy your Island lobster suppers!