What are the best places to go and visit around Charlottetown for young adults?

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Marianne Berthiaume
Chambly, QC
Kelly Richard
Kelly Richard

General Island

Hi Marianne,

A few of the more popular places for evening entertainment, would be Hunter's Ale House and the Factory Cookhouse and Dancehall. They quite often have live music happening as well. Another cool spot would be the different craft breweries around town. The Gahan House, Upstreet Craft Brewing, the Hop Yard and the PEI Brewing Company are all really fun. 

Walking around historic Charlottetown, checking out all the unique historic buildings and restaurants is a favourite this for many and you can even sample some ice cream at Cow's. Make sure you try my personal favourite, Mooey Gooey!

Enjoy your visit to Charlottetown!