My boyfriend and I will be there in early August, and we would love to go to a ceilidh. Which ones do you recommend? Please provide locations and dates/times if you can.

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Rosalyn Staple

There are so many great ceilidh's to go to in the summer months, especially in August! 

I grew up playing music in the halls, and some of my favorites are Courtney Hogan's Ceilidh's in Emerald, PEI  that run June 26-September 18;Every Friday at 7:30 pm, Eddy Quinn's Ceilidh's which are out at Pool's Corner in Montague, PEI and then there are some great ceilidh's at The Brackley Beach community hall that run right until September as well. 

All three of those ceilidh's are run by great folks who are sure to give you a hoot of a time.