Excited to visit your island for a couple of days mid September. Is fresh lobster in season then? If so, where would be the best place for my husband & I to enjoy a decadent meal?

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Susan Muehmer
Patty Murphy
Patty Murphy

General Island

Hi Susan,

There are two distinct lobster seasons on PEI.  The first season is from May through to the end of June and the second is from August, into October.  So, yes the lobster is in season, but just so you know, you can find fresh lobster on PEI year round!

There are so many wonderful places on the Island to enjoy a decadent meal; it is impossible for me to narrow it down to just one and call it the best!

There is a place in Charlottetown called the Water-Prince Corner Shop.  It looks like a convenience store, but inside you will find a great menu of delicious seafood!

If a decadent lunch is on your mind, then visit Dave’s Lobster (also in Charlottetown) for an awesome lobster roll!

If you have some time, why not try a complete lobster experience with Top Notch Lobster Tours.  You jump on board a fishing vessel and head for the sea.  You will get to haul a lobster trap and band the claws.  You also get to learn about the lobster fishery and finish off your day with a lobster supper – right on the boat!

During the month of September, PEI holds the Fall Flavours Festival.  This is an incredible, month long, culinary celebration that takes place across the Island and acclaimed celebrity chefs from the Food Network are your hosts for amazing culinary experiences including one of the Signature Events – Lobster Party on the Beach with chef Chuck Hughes!  Lobster, lobster and more lobster!!!

Any region of the Island that you visit, you will be able to find lobster on the menu of many great establishments!

I hope you enjoy your visit to the Island!