Hello, I hope it is ok that I ask this. I visited PEI in the summer and fell so in love that I thought I could move there at least during the summer season. Friends may I ask if someone were to move to your island by themselves where could they move to get to be a part of community and to get to know people so that they could contribute to that community?

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Susan Tanaka
Surrey, British Columbia

Hello Susan,

This is a question I get asked many times over the year by visitors who like yourself get smitten by our wonderful little Island.

One of the things that come to mind when considering this is a comment from a PBS motivational speaker - I think, "Gwynn Dwyer"(?) - who, when asked what people were like in Detroit. To paraphrase his reply ---those who find people active, open and inclusive in their own communities will most likely find the same in a new community. 

I have found PEI to be very open to people who want to be part of a community or open to people who like the quiet life style. Many communities are also looking for volunteers as they are the ones who run many of the different services in a community, like theatres, rinks and sports ventures. Skills in business and just regular brain storming for fundraisers can be welcome at many service clubs.

Ask around --- but of course my personal favourite is my community of Georgetown.  Come on down and visit - we are a community of 600 with live theatre, sports, beautiful gardens, businesses etc.,  all in a compact walking community and we are "recruiting."

Best regards,