I have heard about church suppers being famous on PEI. Is there a listing of these suppers? Where are they and when?

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Caleb Smith
Niagara Falls, Ontario

Hi Caleb!

Church suppers have long been a tradition in experiencing the quintessential lobster supper here on Prince Edward Island. Our most beloved, St. Ann's, did not open its doors for the 2015 season but have no fear - here are some of my favourite ways to have the traditional lobster supper experience.
New Glasgow Lobster Suppers is a legendary location offering the classic PEI lobster supper experience. This spot is a family affair since it opened its doors in 1958. Everything is made in house, including their rolls. For dessert, any Islander will be able to sing off the phrase, "mile high lemon meringue pie." This is a must do when you eat there! Locals, if you mention you ate there, will ask you about the pie, it's kind of like a secret handshake!
Here's a great video of my friend, and former student Mike sharing his family story about the New Glasgow lobster supper:
The second spot I recommend is a newer spot, and boasts a spectacular view. Clam Diggers, located in Georgetown, has every possible seafood experience you could possibly be looking for, including steamed clams, smoked salmon, and the holy grail of Island seafood experiences, the lobster supper. I would choose to sit on the patio for my dining experience, as the view really adds depth to it.  Check out their menu, and book a reservation! 
Also, if you really want to make the most of your trip out to Georgetown, go there on a Tuesday. The Kings Playhouse hosts ceilidhs (East Coast Kitchen Parties), a definite authentic Island experience you will always remember. The party includes music, dancing, and even some prizes. It all starts at 8, and if you plan it well you could be experiencing a sunset with your dessert, and a night of music, and laughs you will treasure for a lifetime!
Have an amazing trip, and you can always find me online on twitter, @chef_ilona
Yours Truly,
Chef ILona