Hope to walk the confed trail this Sept. Any tips, suggestions where to stay , would be most appreciated. Thank you, Joanne Power

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Joanne Power
vancouver, BC
Patty Murphy
Patty Murphy

General Island

Hi Joanne!

The Confederation Trail is 273 kms from one end to the other so the first thing to do is take a look at the trail map, decide how much ground you hope to cover each day and then start getting an idea where you'll be stopping at night.  To help you choose routes of adequate distance, the Confederation Trail map does include a distance chart and the trail guide includes accommodations nearest to the trails. With the estimation that the average hiker can hike between four to six kilometres per hour on flat terrain, within a day you could travel anywhere between 14 to 60 kilometres! On the map there are yellow, rectangular markers located in different communities along the trail that show their distance in relation to kilometer zero located in Tignish. Those same distance markers are posted alongside the trail to help you keep track of the distance you have traveled once you reach the Island. Hopefully with the map and the guide as resources you are able to plan a route for your trip.

There are also companies that offer shuttle services and/or luggage transfers for the Confederation Trail. A few are East Connection ShuttlePEI Cycling Tours and PEI Guide and Drive Service. You can find a larger list on the Tour Providers page on our website

Once you have a general idea of the distance you'll be travelling each day, I suggest you give our toll free number a call (1-800-463-4734) and a Vacation Planner can help give you suggestions on the closest accommodations to where you plan to stop each evening.  

I hope this helps get you started!  In my opinion, September is the perfect month for walking the trail.