What are some of the best untold places to visit? We loved visiting the lighthouse at Cape Egmont, and the beach at Union Corner. Any other little discoveries like that, that are must see's? Also, would like to see the horses brining in the kelp/seaweed, is there a great spot to see this at? Thanks! Heather

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Heather Jeffery

Hi Heather,

There are lots of hidden gems on Prince Edward Island!

The harvest of Irish Moss by horseback is typically done after a storm and one of the best places to see this is at North Cape.   Typically you can see them harvesting right at the point but if you follow the Black Marsh Nature Trail towards the end there is another beach access point and you may be able to see someone harvesting there as well.  Although the Black Marsh isn’t a hidden gem, it definitely is an amazing walk that I would recommend to anyone.  

Be sure to check out a couple of my favourite (and lesser known) beaches which are Donahue’s, in St. Felix (I attached a photo from a family visit last year)  and Campbellton Beach where you are sure to find miles of sandy shore and a quiet place.

A recent hidden gem that is gaining an increased profile with locals is the formation of a new elephant rock.  I saw it recently coined as the baby elephant and in order to find it you can go to the Christ Church in Kildare Capes, walk to the back right corner of the lot where you will see a foot path.  At the end of this short path you will be on the cliffs and walking to the right a few hundred meters you will see this new stand-alone-cliff that looks like an elephant. I attached a photo from a day last year that I checked it out.

Good luck in your travels and if you have any further questions you can contact me on Twitter @MitchellRennie