best golf courses for value? good price and good courses?

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Bonnie Roberts
Beaumont, AB

Hello Bonnie,

On PEI, we have more than 400 fairways waiting for you! You are never very far from your next round of golf. A great source of golf information is the Golf PEI website. It has great section called “Golf PEI Toolkit” where there are comparison charts, including pricing, distances to courses from accommodation and even distances from courses to city centres.

“What course to play?” is a very common question on PEI , so in 2016 Golf PEI undertook the largest golf drone filming project ever in Canada. You can visit each and every hole on the Golf PEI website. It will allow you to actually view the entire course from the comfort of your couch! For a 2-minute overview of the courses, please visit here. If you want to visit each hole, simple visit our course directory page, select the course and then select “course info”, then select “hole flyovers” for your 18-hole tour! For example, Glasgow Hills (which just happens to serve complimentary mussels after your round!) is here. If you want just a guide, please view our comparison page and to see tee time pricing and to book a tee time visit the Golf PEI booking portal here. Golf PEI also operates a reservation centre for golf packages and tee times. A copy of their golf guide can be viewed online here or they can even mail you one!  Golf PEI reps are very helpful and can answer any additional questions that you may have. They can also book tee times for you at 18 golf courses across PEI. They can be reached at 1-866-GOLF-PEI (465-3734).

Regardless of your choice, you will not be disappointed! 

Marc McLane