What are the three best seafood restaurants in Charlottetown?

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Irvin Godof
Manhattan Beach, CA

Hi Irvin,

When you come to visit us this summer, be sure to bring some clothes with some give. We love to eat here and with so many delicious options, it'll be hard to practice restraint!
It's quite a nice idea to enjoy dining outside so you are able to take in the spectacular views we have here in the capital. A brand new spot for summer 2019 is Cork and Cast. They are located in Charlottetown's brand new floating food court which is located right on the Charlottetown marina. It's a unique way to enjoy delicious seafood right on the water. You will be right in the centre of all of the action. 
Now, I would say it is an absolute must to have a lobster roll (or 3!) while you are visiting and one of my favourite spots is Dave's Lobster. The menu is simple and each offering is thoughtful and delibertate. My recommendation would be, if you are dining with someone else is to order one 'The Local' roll and one 'Some Fancy'. This will give you a great range of experience when it comes to flavour profiles a lobster can have when it is served both hot and chilled.
And finally, a fancy dinner in our fair city won't be complete without a visit to Sim's Steakhouse and Oyster Bar. While I know you are looking for specifically for top seafood places, which Sim's is, I would also like to take the opportunity to suggest that you also try our Island beef. The beef there is absolutely top quality, aged and the flavour of an Island ribeye steak is something you should not rob yourself of!
There's also an oyster bar located in the restaurant often with up to 6 different oysters which is such a fun tasting experience; explore the merroir of PEI!
They also have a great patio perfect for people watching. Have a great visit to our Island!
Chef Ilona