What is the best family fun for grandparents/parents and especially a 3 year old boy to have and do? Also, what is best casual place to stay?

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helen tsalac
toronto, ON
Sandi Lowther

General Island

Good morning Helen and thank you for your question!
I will start by responding to the question about family-fun experiences. There are many so I will also provide you with a couple of website links so you may review them in detail.
The Cavendish Beach Resort destination is the family-fun centre on the Island but there is still much to explore whether you stay in this north-central beach region or in the east, west or south area of the Island.  The company operating the largest number of family attractions is Maritime Fun.  Also, the Prince Edward Island National Park offers wonderful educational fun activities both inside the Park at the beaches and at Green Gables Heritage Site.
We offer an excellent service on Prince Edward Island to assist visitors with selecting their accommodation choice. Go to the Tourism PEI website then click where to stay. The Island is divided into tourism regions to assist with your area choice. Green Gables Shore region is in the family-attraction and the National Park beach area but nowhere is far on our Island so should your preference be slightly removed from this area then just select one of the other touring regions. You then simply add your accommodation type, i.e. hotel, motel, inn, cottage, camping, etc., the number in your party and your arrival and departure date. The system will provide you with available accommodations based on your search criteria. Each listing has a link to the individual properties so you may research even further to ensure the accommodation provider offers the onsite amenities that are important to you and your three-generational family. 
Have fun with your research and even more important have a wonderful Island vacation making family memories together.
Kind regards,
Sandi Lowther