Where are the best restaurants to try fresh scallops?

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Chantale Breton
Coquitlam, BC

Hi Chantale,

Scallops are delicious, sweet morsels from the sea and PEI has many places where you can enjoy them. When in Charlottetown, Sims Steakhouse offers scallops on their menu. They are pan seared and served with a bacon jam; think of it as an updated version of bacon wrapped scallops.
Another restaurant in Charlottetown that serves up scallops is the Claddagh Oyster House.
If you're interested in finding out more of the experiences to be found in Charlottetown, check out the tourism page outlining everything you might want to know about the capital city. 
If you're looking for an excursion Chantale, might I suggest a drive out to Cardigan where you will find an amazing seafood restaurant? Clamdiggers serves up a wide selection of seafood including scallops. Might I also recommend their crab cakes and mussels, they are both quite tasty. I always get them when I go there to eat. 
I hope your visit to our Island is a wonderful one filled with delicious moments! Make sure to take advantage of our scenic coastal drives, and make time to catch a sunset or two.
Chef ILona