Who are the best 5 musicians on the island.

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Geoff Boyle
PEI Ambassador Zack Bell
Zack Bell

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Hey Geoff …

#1 – Now THAT is a tough question!!  I would be remiss if I didn’t include my momma (Cindy Bell – Take Me Back – A Christian album she put out in the 1980’s … or My Sister Kendra who plays the piano every Sunday at Murray Harbour Baptist) … but Family aside, I had to consult my buddy Chris Dalziel (http://www.chrisdalziel.com/) who is now with the Royal North.

He said, and I found it tough to disagree … (This is some from me … some from him):

If you like 80’s – I loved them then, and love them now – Haywire.

The best pop sounding now would be Tim Chaisson or Paper Lions.

I have never seen, but have heard John Rheader(?? – spelling)  is UNREAL on Guitar.

And a young guy I saw a long time ago was Dylan Menzie, who blew me away with an acoustic set!!

Of course with fiddling, you cannot beat Cynthia MacLeod … I love Megan Blanchard and also Tian Wigmore – played at my buddy’s wedding and was sick!!

Have you heard of any of these??? If so, who you like?

Zac Bell