I've never been to PEI, but am seriously considering moving there from Toronto in the next couple of years. At the moment I'm figuring on Summerside. I know that's a big subject and there are details I can't know until the time comes, but are there any general things that can be said about moving there? Michelle [email protected]

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Michelle Johns

Hi Michelle,

Three of the most important things I can say about Prince Edward Island  are how relaxing, friendly and beautiful it is. After living in a city like Toronto, you will immediately notice a difference as soon as you touch the Island.

The pace is slower, leaving you relaxed (you won’t have to worry about which side of the elevator you are standing, which I’m sure you can relate to coming from Toronto!).  Everyone is so friendly and always willing to help - whether you’re driving along and roll down your window to ask a construction worker on the side of the road where a good restaurant is, or if you simply pop into a local gift shop to ask what the weather forecast looks like for the day. The Islander vibes are contagious and will have you feeling right at home.

Summerside is a cozy city, and everything is very close by -  Harbourfront Theatre, College of Piping, Holland College, Silver Fox Curling & Yacht Club, cute coffee shops, delicious bakeries, great pubs & restaurants with live entertainment, local shopping and Credit Union Place (large facility with a pool, bowling, gym, restaurant, casino, live harness racing, skating rinks and major concerts and events venue).  There is no rushing to get from one place to another as you can access all your daily needs within walking distance.

The other thing that is close by is the harbour. Summerside is right along the water and also has a long beautiful boardwalk (Baywalk) that follows the waterfront for 7 km. It seems to be that perfect postcard brought to life, as you can always go exploring and find some place beautiful.

Lastly, it’s affordable. Living expenses are quite friendly here and transportation costs can be reduced since everything is close together.

For further details please check out the following websites: www.exploresummerside.com; http://downtownsummerside.com/; http://www.city.summerside.pe.ca/. Be sure to drop into the Summerside Visitor Information Centre located at 124 Heather Moyse Dr. for help navigating the City and tips on what to see and do in Summerside.