Are there any great, scenic cycling routes that I should discover while visiting Prince Edward Island?

Nikki A.
PEI Ambassador Ruth Delong
Ruth Delong


There are many.  If you are a road cyclist, two or three 'must rides' are the North shore in between Cavendish and Rustico.  You could extend this route to French River.  Another great route is to begin at the Afton Hall in Fairview on Route 19 and cycle the loop around Skmaqn–Port-la-Joye–Fort Amherst National Historic Site.  You could go back to the hall or carry on along Route 19 to Victoria for a nice lunch.  The third would be Route 4/18 from Wood Islands to Cape Bear.  The Cape Bear Lighthouse was the first place that heard the distress call from the Titanic.  Carry on around to Murray Harbour and to Panmure Island on Route 17 if you have time.  Take your time to stop and enjoy the scenery.

If you are on a Trail bike, the section of the Confederation Trail between Fredericton to Winsloe is one of the nicest.  You will see countryside, farmed fields, woods and creeks.   Between Morell and St. Peters and on toward Elmira is another lovely ride.  This route allows you to ride along St. Peters Bay then into the tree canopy heading East to Elmira.

The Confederation Trail in the Hunter River area is, for me, one of the best sections.  As it’s near the highest point on PEI at a whopping 152 metres (466 feet) above sea level the views of farmland, horses in fields near Darlington, beautiful hardwood trees particular in the fall - it has some of the best places to take pictures.  My favourite location is on a bridge that is not over water but a lovely lane which sheep use to move from the farmyard into the surrounding countryside.  Close to Hunter River is another bridge with a lovely creek.  Take time to look at the perfect rocky bottom - wonderful location for brook trout to spawn.

The bike ride from Cavendish to Rustico and back is a very exhilarating ride.  You’re close to the cliffs and water of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the wind is blowing (hopefully lightly) the many shades of green are so cool and with the blue water, red cliffs it is the best scene ever.  Cycling along on a paved separate path is perfect, you can gawk about as much as you want. 

When road cycling the 20 km loop around Cumberland, beginning and ending at Afton Hall the best part is cycling into Port la Joye-Fort Amherst a National Historic Site at Rocky Point.  Cycle past the interpretive building at the main parking lot and go down to the lower parking lot near the cliff.  There is a toilet on the left which can be very handy.   This is the best location to see the mouth of the Charlottetown Harbour and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see one of the many cruise ships coming into Charlottetown.  You’re so close to them that it would be possible to throw a football onto the deck. This is a super spot for a picnic/snack although you have to have it with you as there are no shops in the area.  If you are there in your car in the evening and the moon is up, walk the Trails it is spectacular - very romantic if you like that sort of thing!!!