How was the original Brudenell River golf course founded and developed?

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Cindy Clarkson
Ottawa, Ontario

Hi Cindy:

Appreciate your question!  Unfortunately I don't know the entire history of Brudenell, but here's what I do know.

Brudenell originally started as a nine hole course on a portion of the grounds that the current course sits on.
In the late 60's a group of regular golfers (people such as Bud Currie, Dr. Bill MacIntyre, Dave Clarkson, Father Hammill, and George Nicholson) were instrumental in working with the Province, specifically MLA Lorne Bonnell, to build the course which we have now. The Province of Prince Edward Island built the course to lure tourists to its eastern part (Mill River was built two years later for the same reason - up west).
There are still a few people around now that can say they have been members since the Brudenell opened in 1969 - and they enjoy it every bit as much now as they did back then.
Thanks, Ryan