I've heard clam digging is really fun. When is the best time to go clam digging?

Michelle S.C.

You are correct that digging for soft-shelled clams or “going clamming” is a fun Island experience and a summer highlight for many.   The soft shell clam season is open from May until October and the best time to dig clams is during low-tide when more beach is exposed.  In order to check the tide you can stop into a Visitor Information Centre, check online or ask a local fisherman!  

If you are looking for a location to go clamming Islanders’ usually have favourite spots and are willing to give advice and if you are searching on your own a tip is to look for small holes in the beach.   
Although you can dig soft shell clams by hand, I would recommend a spade, pail and pitchfork (for turning over the sand) in order to get to the daily limit of 300 clams.  

If you are looking for a more relaxed time (with all of the tools and locations supplied) there are a couple of great operators that have soft shelled clam experiences.  John Martin from PEI Coastal Tours and Experiences and Bill and Mary Kendrick from Experience PEI  have offerings where they will supply the required tools, show you the best places to dig, share some stories and they will even cook up a feed of clams once you are done. Whichever way you decide to go will result in an unforgettable Island experience!