Where is the best place to taste Malpeque oysters?

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Linda Delve

Hi Linda,

Glad you wrote in to us!

When you talk oysters here on Prince Edward Island, the most well-known place for them would have to be Malpeque Bay!  This picturesque bay is home to our world famous oysters - harvested directly from the Bay, the second largest Bay on PEI. It is protected by a sand formation that makes for stunning views!
Overlooking Malpeque Bay, located right on the wharf, you will find a quaint little spot called the Malpeque Oyster Barn. A great place if you want the authentic " Malpeque" Oyster.  Added plus - the area is beautiful!  We also serve the Malpeque Oysters at many restaurants all over the Island because they are such a tasty treat.
No matter where you end up - whether you shuck them or simply partake, they will be fresh and delicious!  Being so lucky to live on this Island, I can certainly understand why these oysters have become famous.